In fashion, every new season brings a new trend story. Some trends stay for more than a single season and some are instantly faded. Today, we are going to look at the top ethnic wear color trends for summer 2020 so that you can stay a step ahead while choosing the right color for your outfits.

Women’s ethnic wear can be found in a variety of colors, long gone are the days of a strict color palette of a traditional outfit. Thanks to the researchers and designers for all their studies and efforts before bringing a new collection of ethnic wear every new season.

So, without further delay, let’s look at the top 5 color trends for ethnic wear:


Think of all the subdued hues of green from pistachio, olives to aquas & sea-greens. This color trend is a representation of healthy & restorative harmony that embodies a forward thinking mood and an almost utopian optimism. The subdued greens & aquas are pleasing to the eye. It brings to mind summer vacations and the crystal-clear waters.

The splendid, yet tranquil tone is ideal for passing on a fun loving, present day, and cordial character. Regardless of whether utilized as a complement or as a primary shading, it is perfect for contemporary fashion. This color story has evolved from the popularity of last season’s soft pastels and in the coming seasons, this color trend will be found not only in clothing but in accessories and technical products as well.

The trend of bright and loud color trend for ethnic wear is gone. This color trend is becoming quite the favourite for summer lehengas, sarees, suit sets, and kurti dresses. So get yourself a soothing, comforting, tinted or shaded green and you’ll be just the perfect balance of nature and tech that symbolizes this color trend.


“Mysterious, graceful and deep” are some of the words that associates with this color trend. With the amalgamation of gender-neutral appeal of pink and the modern appeal of purple this makes an ethnic wear the perfect combination of sophistication and chic.

You are sure to catch some eyes and wows when you slip in a cassies color palette. Our suggestion, pick the light hues for the mornings and the dark ones for evening.


This color trend is all about muted shades of blue, a favorite of unisex color palettes. Blue was always a go-to color for women’s ethnic wear since the beginning of time. This has more of a softer, sunnier tone to it with the coolness that feels crisp & contemporary than the last season blues. The darker tones symbolise stability, trustworthiness, and sophistication. The mind-blowing yet serene tone is perfect for passing on a carefree, present day, and cheerful character, whether used as a complement or as a primary shading. Vast as the sky and deep as the ocean, pick any blue hue you like, from fabrics to prints, embroideries, trims and embellishments and go beat the heat!


Don’t get jumbled with this uncanny name, this color trend is all about the divergent of our friendly neighborhood oranges and peaches. Cantaloupe is a completely light orange that in a flash reminds of summer. Set to be a large part of fashion & interior of 2020. This color story represents happiness, pleasant cheer, comfort and ease. Ethnic wear online is filled with this color trend. From simple kurti dress, elegant long kurtis to sparkling lehengas, all gives the wearer the best feminine look. FYI, this is another color that’s making its way towards accessories and technical sectors along with clothing.


This color story comprises of baked & earthy tones of yellows, yes you guessed it right! This trend is more inclined to bold & brighter shades of goldens & mustards. This color story is more focused on bringing the darker saffron, golden, mustard & represents strong enthusiasm, creativity & zest to life. This is chic and in cup-tie with the summer hues, in short, it represents summers & the summer colors we mostly see during the day. This colours will sure to make anyone shine is a hot summer day & go in par with the summer vibes.


Striking, splendid, warm and energetic, this red hot hue radiates certainty, confidence and undeniably offers a fashion expression.

So flaunt all the shades tints and tones of your golden and yellow ethnic wears and sure to set some fashion goals among your peers.

From the splendid gleam of a dazzling setting sun to the burning of coals, this lively hue is meant to catch the eyes of everyone. Reasonably speaking, this energizing shade effectively gets the attention, an ideal color when you want to make a statement & quickly grab the notice of the audience. This shade symbolizes energy, passion, love, and great wellbeing.


This faded denim blue shade is gender-neutral color. It is as solid and trustworthy & can be your go-to combine of pants, tops, dresses & gowns 7 more. This go-to color passes on solace and straightforwardness, gives a cool, composed, soft vibe along with looking stylish when matched with strong and energetic hues or an equally cool hue as itself. This color is suitable for all climates around the world & for all seasons including summers. This also serves a perfect fit for both formal & informal wear due to its calm presence. This color has the capacity to provide comfort to the eyes & remind us of soft ice, giving the sense of chill on a hot summer day.


Another shade of green for good measure! Be that as it may, this time the shade is a lot more obscure, more extravagant and herbaceous. This hue represents wilderness of greens & ayurved. Chive really fills in as an extraordinary nonpartisan tone and matches wonderfully with a plenty of hues. This color story represents more of bottle greens & dark greens, & evolves a sense of mystery & luxury to the wearer.


Summer fashion is incomplete without a substantial portion of white to get us through the warm-climate disposition. The S/S 20 runways were loaded with head-to-toe looks in white, differing in surfaces and conceals from pure whites, off-whites, shellfish, mushroom to splendid and brilliant white. You’ll never turn out badly with the unbiased shade in any manufacture from silk to lace & cotton. White is a perfect hue for summer as it emits a cool, clean, simplified & sophisticated vibe. It is a color of purity, innocence, organization & symbolizes heavens. Yet another gender-neutral timeless color that is perfectly suitable for formal wear as well as casual wears.


This natural, burnt orange & earthy brown hue overwhelmingly hit fashion shows & is considered as a new favourite for summer 2020. Earthy & neutral colors are becoming more popular in 2020 & this hue is on to join that list.

This orange-brownish hue can represent strength, grounded-ness, closeness to earth & deep sense of belonging. The vibrant shades also omit luxurious vibes, elegance & sophistication, making this color most suitable for leisure & richness.


Charcoal grey is the next-gen color story inspired by the fast pacing digitalized life we are moving towards. It is futuristic, gender neutral & repserents the corporate world. It comprises of all the greyish to silver hues.

This color story was related to professional & formal attires but now it has evolved to be a part of luxury & daily wear as well. The lighter hues represent cool, composed & simplicity whereas the darker hues represent determination, forward-thinking & boldness. This color is has become the new favorite of males as well as females. Previously used in shirts, t-shirts, skirts & pants, now used in tops, dresses, tunics, jumpsuits, gowns & kurtis as well. No one can ever go wrong with this. Carcoal grey is here to stay.


The sun set color story represents all the tints & light hues of yellow. This has subtle, chrome, lemon, pale & dusky yellows. This is a more feminine color that represents freshness, liveliness, softness & freshness. This is a positive color representing light.

The sunset color story is birthed from the last season’s pastel yellows & is quite accepted at the moment. These colors are available in garments from high fashion brands to local producers, from breezy dresses, voluminous tops to pants & suit sets. When this color is adorned, it will only speak of sophistication & inner light. So go & flow in all the light tints of yellow.

So these were our top picks on color trends for summer 2020. Go & get yourself outfits belonging to this colour groups & you’re sure to stay ahead in the curve of fashionistas & trend setters.

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Let us know in the comment section which was your favourite colour trend?