Wedding season in India is not less than any festive season. Our Indian weddings are all about shinny extravagant clothing, rituals & ceremonies, laughter, joy, lots of amazing food, family, friends & fun. While these things remain classic, few aspects change with the time.

Today we are up with a list of changing approach to Indian weddings & latest wedding trends of 2020:


So the out-break of covid-19 was finally successful to curb down the idea of ‘big-fat Indian wedding’. Since social distancing & minimal contact to people has become an utmost important thing, people are opting for smaller weddings, which has all the elements of a traditional wedding ceremony just on a smaller scale. This trend is being preferred by the millennials who have small budget or those who like simpler, intimate & meaningful weddings.


Gone are the days when couples travelled to places only in their honeymoon. Before self-quarantine was a thing, couples few to their favorite places not only to have a destination wedding but also for their pre-wedding photoshoots. Some couples included their parents & families as well which marked a happy outing & bonding ties for their families as well.


Some weddings still prefer the good old traditional & regional cuisine to be served to guest while majority of the weddings are seen to experiment with fooding. From starters to main course to desert, everything is preferred exclusive nowadays. People serve their favourite cuisines to guests along with mocktails & cocktails which was not so popular in older times. Small bar centers are even seen in majority of weddings these days & are sure to become more popular with time.


Every girl dreams of her wedding dress since childhood but the dream design changes as one grows up, we guess. While the traditional red is a classic for brides, in recent times brides are seen to experiment a lot with how they dress in their special day. Some opt for extravagant designer gowns, some opt for neutral colors & some for bold & non-traditional colors as well as silhouettes. Brides, nowadays makes their wedding outfit speak the best of who they are & convey their originality.


With time, weddings have become much more than a grand celebration. Couples nowadays have become more sensible about their surroundings, their environment & the people around. Without spending a huge amount of money on unplanned things, couple plans on a lot of things like venue, the decorations, sustainability & wastage. This is the reason

weddings have become more sustainable as there is minimum to no disposal of waste whether that be of decoration or of food.

So now you know what to consider before planning a trendy & awesome wedding. Let us know what are your views in the comment section or if you have any more awesome trendy ideas for wedding ceremonies.

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