As the social distancing continues and we all are in self-isolation, we hardly spend much time into our looks, our hair being the most ignored of it all. This giving birth to tons of hair problems, fizzy & fuzziness being the most common one. We hear you, hence, we are up with few super easy hairstyles you can try at home without spending much time.


This is probably the easiest & preferred hairstyle nowadays. You don’t have to do much, all you need is a hairband or a clutch to hold your hair up into a bun. Sometimes our buns become messy naturally & its okay to leave it like that but not for too long. Its important to comb the hair twice daily to keep the blood circulation of the scalp.


During our pre quarantine days we were caught up in busy time schedules & most of the places we went to required us to keep our hair in a certain way. Mostly because of dust, dirt, pollution & the weather, dress code being another reason. Even when we allowed our hair down during occasions, we experimented or styled them somehow or the other. Seldom, we allowed our hair to free flow in its natural formation. Now is the time to connect to our hair whether curly, straight, wavy, short or long, you’ve got plenty of safe space to let your hair breathe freely.


Ponytails are most preferred when it comes to engage any activity no matter how formal or casual it is. If you are working from home & want a professional feel or working out at home, make a firm, smart looking ponytail & you’re good to go.


What is an easier getaway hairstyle when you want to look not only good but also protect your hair than braids? There are plenty forms & styles of braiding your hair from regular braids to French braids, side braids, etc. A lot of tutorials are found in the internet on how to make them so choose your favourite braid style or experiment with them all.


Using head bands or scarves near in your hairline area is in fashion for quite some time now. This doesn’t only make you look stylish but protects the hair near your hairline in various ways. It also prevents bangs or small hairs to fall into your forehead while you’re working or relaxing at your home.


Short haircuts are trending since the end of 2018 & are yet opted by many. People with long hairs are witching to shorter hairstyles like bob cuts or pixie chic haircuts. This doesn’t only gives you a complete new look but also saves your ample of energy & time you need to give to long hairs. But do this only when you’re completely & absolutely sure.


Okay, talking of bangs few of Hollywood top celebs come to mind like Taylor swift & Dakota Johnson, who made a statement through bangs. This hairstyle looks absolutely stunning & changes the whole look on your face & if you’re not much bothered with leaving few strands of hair falling onto your forehead, go & have one for yourself.


If you’re not a fan of hair strands hanging here & there in your face & neck then this is just the right hairstyle for you. Comb your hair & tie your hair tightly in a bun or into a ponytail & you’re good to go.

So this was our top pick for an easy hairstyle to try at home. Let us know your favourite hairstyle or tell us if you have any awesome easy hairstyling suggestion in the comment section.

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